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San Ramon Sedation Dentistry - Anxiety Management - Stress-Free Dental Visit

Being apprehensive or unable to relax in the dental office doesn't have to be a concern with the right provider. Sedation dentistry is an available solution for patients who feel anxious about visiting the dentist. 

Dr. Sherry Steinmetz is trained and experienced in providing sedation dentistry in San Ramon. With sedation, patients are comfortable and relaxed, which supports effective dental procedures. At New Age Dentistry, our dentist makes every effort to understand the cause and degree of patients’ anxieties in order to provide personalized care.

Considering Dental Sedation 

Patients who experience high levels of stress when visiting the dentist often avoid getting the care they need. These individuals are at an increased risk for developing conditions that require extensive treatment in the future.
Sedation dentistry is a relaxation aid that allows patients to have a stress-free dental visit. Dental sedation may be added to a variety of treatments, including routine cleanings and complex restorations.

Sedation Options at New Age Dentistry 

We determine the type of sedation appropriate for each patient based on their level of anxiety and the length of their scheduled appointment. Dr. Steinmetz and her team offer a variety of sedation options, including: 

Nitrous Oxide
Commonly known as laughing gas, this sedative induces feelings of relaxation while allowing patients to remain conscious and awake. The effect of nitrous oxide is diminished after the mask is removed and patients inhale pure oxygen. Patients feel no lingering effects and recover from this sedation method quickly. 

Oral Sedation
The effects of oral sedation range from conscious relaxation to feeling quite drowsy while remaining responsive. The sedative is given orally (no IV is used) about an hour before treatment and is ideal for patients who experience mild to moderate dental anxiety. Individuals given oral sedation should have a loved one provide them with a ride home and stay with them while the effects of the medication subside. 

In many cases, sedation can cause a pleasant sense of forgetfulness; patients cannot recall details of their procedure. This is ideal for patients whose anxiety is exaggerated by experiences like hearing sounds of dental equipment or smelling materials used to treat teeth. 

Choose Dental Sedation for Your Next Procedure

New Age Dentistry is committed to ensuring each patient receives dental care while allowing them to feel at ease. Our highly-trained sedation dentist offers a variety of treatment options to assure an improved dental experience for our patients. For information about sedation dentistry in San Ramon, contact our office today. 

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