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A good night’s rest is essential to your overall health and function. However, sleep apnea interferes with a person’s ability sleep that well, which is detrimental to your oral and whole body health. At New Age Dentistry in San Ramon, Dr. Sherry Steinmetz has the expertise, and the collaboration of local sleep doctors to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. Schedule an appointment today to experience this interdisciplinary approach and see if sleep apnea appliance therapy is right for you.

What is Sleep Apnea?

This overnight breathing condition occurs when a person’s airway collapses during sleep, causing pauses in breathing, as seen in obstructive sleep apnea cases, or by the failure of the brain to signal proper breathing, as it occurs in cases of central sleep apnea. Symptoms of sleep apnea include:

- Severe snoring
- Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
- Irritability 
- Dry Throat 
- Loud Breathing

Mainly characterized by the cessation of breath, causing the patient to awaken abruptly in order to breathe, sleep apnea’s side effects put patients at risk for heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and other serious health concerns. 

Normal Open Nasal Passage
 Nasal Passage When Snoring

 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Nasal Passage

How is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed?

Sleep apnea is difficult to diagnose since it can only be detected in a patient while they are sleeping. Many patients have considered sleep apnea diagnosis due to comments from loved ones about excessive snoring and concerns about their quality of sleep. Health professionals at sleep clinics help diagnose this disorder by monitoring a patient’s breathing while asleep. At New Age Dentistry, our staff is able to assess symptoms of sleep apnea and refer out to other San Ramon sleep apnea specialists for a full diagnosis. 

SomnoDent MAS Sleep Appliance in San Ramon

Treating Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliances

The standard treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is a continuous positive airway pressure machine. However, not every sleep apnea case requires a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine to provide relief. Patients with less severe cases can get fitted for oral appliances that are far more comfortable, allowing you to breathe, speak, or even have a sip of water unencumbered while wearing the device.  

At New Age Dentistry, Dr. Steinmetz offers SomnoDent MAS as an alternative to her patients who cannot tolerate the CPAP machines. These innovative appliances are custom fitted to resemble an athletic mouth guard and help reposition the jaw to create a bigger opening in the airway when sleeping. In addition, they’re smaller, easier to adjust, and extremely durable.  For those suffering from more extreme cases of sleep apnea, the SomnoDent has been used in combination with CPAP machines.

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Sleep apnea can be treated by custom appliances and tailored treatment. If you live in the San Ramon area and are interested in learning more about a sleep apnea or have been told that you’re snoring is disruptive, contact Dr. Sherry Steinmetz at New Age Dentistry today!