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Dental Implants in San Ramon - Teeth Replacement Options - Restorations

Missing teeth not only impact aesthetics but overall health as well. With dental implants and restorations, patients’ smiles are full, comfortable, and healthy. At New Age Dentistry, we place and restore dental implants, providing teeth replacement solutions to patients in San Ramon and neighboring communities. 

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant consists of three intricate parts: the post, abutment, and the restoration. Made out of a biocompatible titanium alloy, the dental implant post replicates the missing tooth root. This allows for more supportive in essential oral structures, such as the jaw bone, which naturally integrates with the post to become stronger. The abutment is used to attach the aesthetic restoration to the post, and together replace the exposed tooth. Dental implants address tooth loss and restore the whole tooth entirely. 

Dental Implant Restorations by Dr. Steinmetz 

During your dental implant consultation, our San Ramon dentist takes the time to listen and understand your oral health concerns, as well as provide treatment solutions that restore the health of your smile. Depending on the number of missing teeth in your smile, there is a dental implant restoration option for you.

Single Dental Implants 
Dental implants topped with a porcelain crown can replace singular missing teeth. Traditionally, if a patient is missing only one tooth, a bridge would be recommended. However, bridges utilize neighboring healthy teeth, which are altered and capped with crowns to support the restoration. With single dental implants, the missing tooth is replaced and surrounding teeth are kept in their healthy state. 

Implant-Supported Bridge
Implant bridges utilize implant posts as support instead of natural teeth. This treatment is recommended for patients who are missing one or more teeth. If you find yourself clenching or grinding teeth, an implant-supported bridge is a viable option, as it reduces the pressure on individual implants, distributing it evenly across the bridge.

Implant-Stabilized Dentures
Edentulous patients who find their dentures uncomfortable, despite consistent use of adhesives to secure their prostheses, can benefit from the support of dental implants. Dental implants stabilize dentures, replacing a full arch of missing teeth. Patients experience renewed, comfortable function and wear of their prosthesis, allowing them the freedom to eat and speak without worry that their dentures may shift out of place. 

Dental Implant Procedures in San Ramon

Dr. Sherry Steinmetz and her experienced team at New Age Dentistry provides dental treatments with your care and comfort in mind. Dr. Steinmetz has the knowledge to place dental implants for patients who wish to replace missing teeth and is certified to perform oral conscious sedation to promote patient comfort during treatment. We begin with an initial consultation, in which detailed images of your smile are taken, and then schedule for your implant placement. Once your implant(s) is healed, the final restoration is placed and your smile is fully restored.

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